17 Tips For Professional Photos Of Your Products And That Help You Increase Sales, Improve The Image And Reputation Of Your Brand

Use a neutral background:

Avoid complex environments with many details that distract attention and mask your products. Look for a smooth and neutral background that helps you praise the virtues of the products you want to sell.

Lighting works:

Lighting is the key to professional photography that helps sell your products. That is why, before taking photos, add extra light with several spotlights or bulbs. The idea is to use three light bulbs: left, right and another for the background. That is, it is essential to diffuse the light because otherwise, it can burn the image and shadows will be created that can disfigure our products and even leave areas in the dark. The ideal is not to put direct lights on our products.how to make good photos of shoes

Avoid the Flash:

The flash has many virtues, but when we talk about product photos the flash the farther, the better. The flash light is direct and produces uneven lighting, so the only thing we will achieve will be to make our products look intense and whitish in one part of the product.

Use tripod:

Using a tripod will help us improve the photographs of our products. In this way, we will prevent the pictures from moving, crooked, … and it will be easier for us to establish the ideal angles for each product.

Focus the object and make the most of the frame:

The object is the protagonist, and as such deserves to monopolize all possible space within the photo. Therefore, make the most of the frame and center the product in the middle leaving only small background margins around the product.

How To Make Photos That Help Sell My Products

A picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to selling a product or service by catalog or online through our website, our blog or our online store, 80% of the sale will be driven by photography that illustrates what the user is buying.

The first premise of the photography of products and services is that they are as faithful as possible to the reality of the products and services that we sell.

The photographs of our products and services should be adjusted as much as is that product that we want to sell because otherwise, we can create two adverse effects:

False expectations: That is, we should never take excessively retouched photos that show a much better product than the real one because when the user buys it, he will be disappointed and we will tarnish our image and our reputation.

Repel: That is, we should never publish crappy photos that show the product worse than it is because if the product or service does not enter by sight the user will not buy it and we will also stain our image and our reputation.

Therefore, it is worth spending the time to create photos of our products and services that help us boost our sales.