How To Make Photos That Help Sell My Products

A picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to selling a product or service by catalog or online through our website, our blog or our online store, 80% of the sale will be driven by photography that illustrates what the user is buying.

The first premise of the photography of products and services is that they are as faithful as possible to the reality of the products and services that we sell.

The photographs of our products and services should be adjusted as much as is that product that we want to sell because otherwise, we can create two adverse effects:

False expectations: That is, we should never take excessively retouched photos that show a much better product than the real one because when the user buys it, he will be disappointed and we will tarnish our image and our reputation.

Repel: That is, we should never publish crappy photos that show the product worse than it is because if the product or service does not enter by sight the user will not buy it and we will also stain our image and our reputation.

Therefore, it is worth spending the time to create photos of our products and services that help us boost our sales.